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It can be stopped

People like you around the world are working to stop the harm to their health, safety and security from new runways. Why not join them?

Airport expansions and new runway plans are no longer being allowed to ignore the cost of the emissions and the noise they create. Airport expansions are being protested, paused and stopped. People power led to a curfew and capacity caps being applied to Sydney and Adelaide Airports. It has also long delayed and may yet block the third runway at Heathrow.

In the climate emergency, stopping airport expansions is like stopping an arsonist during a bushfire. 

Airports push back


Airports Council International

Airports Council International assesses airport disruptions caused by activism

Airport expansions protested


Surat Airport

Farmers protest move to acquire 700 acres for expansion of Surat airport


Melbourne Airport

• Calls for expert panel to study noise impacts of proposed third runway at Melbourne airport

• Melbourne residents call for independent review into third runway


Gatwick Airport

• Government urged to block Gatwick expansion plans

• Gatwick second runway protesters rally against airport’s expansion proposals

Bristol Airport

• Bristol airport protesters: “We are watching you”

• The case of Bristol Airport exposes the gaping flaw in national planning guidance

• Bristol Airport expansion plan ‘disastrous’ for the climate

• Climate campaigners stage online protest against Gatwick Airport expansion plans

Liverpool Airport

• Liverpool Airport’s expansion master plan to be reviewed on environmental grounds

• Liverpool Airport future expansion plans in doubt

Luton Airport

• Campaigners hit back at latest plans for expansion of London Luton Airport


• The Portuguese government wants to build a new airport; environmentalists want climate justice


• La ZAD: Another End of the World Is Possible: Learning from 50 Years of Struggle at Notre-Dame-des-Landes


Barcelona Airport

• Thousands protest in Barcelona against airport expansion

Airport expansions paused


• Halt airport expansion say Government’s climate advisers and AEF

Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport expansion case highlights loopholes in national climate policy, say campaigners

Liverpool Airport

• Expansion master plan to be reviewed on environmental grounds


Lelystad Airport

• Airport might be required to reduce flight numbers because nitrogen oxide emissions are too high

• Minister rejects nitrogen calculation at Lelystad Airport and Schiphol

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport


Schipol Airport

Schiphol Airport forced to reduce number of flights

• Airport might be required to reduce flight numbers because nitrogen oxide emissions are too high (via Google Translate)

France Marseille Provence Airport

• Expansion stalled on climate grounds

North America

Oregon Aurora Airport

• Proposed runway extension violates state land use laws

Airport expansions stopped


Vienna Airport

Climate change concerns prompt court to block Vienna Airport expansion


• Four airports stopped from expanding


Dolu Greenfield Airport

• Administration’s second attempt to demarcation of land for Greenfield Airport fails, protest swells


Nijgadh Airport

• Supreme court halts construction of multi-billion dollar Nijgadh Airport


Leeds Bradford Airport

• Leeds Bradford Airport scraps plans for new £150m terminal

Airport protest groups


Melbourne Airport Community Action Group

Residents against Western Sydney Airport (RAWSA)

Brisbane Flight Path Community Alliance (BFPCA)

Community Aviation Alliance Australia (CAAA)


Bristol Airport

Stop Bristol Airport Expansion

BAAN Bristol Airport Action Network

Gatwick Airport

Communities Against Gatwick Noise Emission

Heathrow Airport

No 3rd Runway Coalition

Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise (HACAN)

Newcastle Airport

Action on aviation

UK Noise Association

Aviation Environment Federation


Amsterdam Schipol Airport

Schipol Watch

North America

Oakland Airport

Stop OAK Expansion Coalition


Airport dispute Atlas

Map of Airport-related Injustice and Resistance

Global Anti-Aerotropolis Movement

The Global Anti-Aerotropolis Movement (GAAM) of environmental and climate justice campaigners, aviation and tourism critics, human rights activists, and other concerned citizens and groups raisees public awareness and takes action on socially and ecologically harmful mega-airport development projects.

Stay Grounded

Global network of more than 170 member organisations, among them local airport opposition and climate justice groups, NGOs, trade unions, initiatives fostering alternatives to aviation like night trains, and organisations supporting communities which struggle against offset projects or biofuel plantations. Also individual activists, academics, trade unionists and interested people can contribute to the network

Campaigning guides

European Union Against Aircraft Nuisance (UECNA)

How to organise a successful campaign