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Calling all local community groups, climate action groups, and climate and environment NGOs!

If you’re concerned about the health impacts and climate impacts of the proposed Third Runway and you’re a member of a local community group or a climate action group, or if you work for a climate or environment NGO, why not have your group sign on as a “No 3rd Tulla Runway” campaign supporter?

The broader the network of supporter groups the stronger will be our call to stop the Third Runway.

Sign on as a group and upload your logo now

All that becoming a supporter involves is filling out the “Become a supporter” form at right and uploading your logo (formatted as a jpeg or png).

Your logo will appear on the website Home Page and on this page.

If you have any questions about the campaign or can lend the support of your group in other ways, please email us at


We respect your privacy. Your information will be stored in a private database, will not be passed onto anyone without your consent and will only be used to contact you about this specific campaign.

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